Echelon Ford is always ready to handle whatever our customers need, including servicing their vehicles. We all have busy lives so it can be easy to forget to provide your vehicle with the service and maintenance that it needs. Despite your on-the-go lifestyle, you should always remember to take care of your vehicle. By keeping your vehicle up with the routine maintenance it needs, you can be sure that it remains at peak performance throughout the course of your ownership. You should have your vehicle inspected regularly so you can identify issues before they become bigger problems. If your vehicle does not get the maintenance that it needs, then you will probably have to cover the cost of new parts that could be more expensive than if you had just got the service you need. Protect your vehicle and keep it running how it should by getting regular maintenance from your Ford dealer in NJ. The Echelon Ford service department is ready to get your vehicle back to factory-new.

Oil Change and Filter Replacement

Getting your oil and filter changed regularly is absolutely essential to keeping your vehicle running how it should. If you don't change your vehicle's oil regularly, then your engine will probably be subjected to harmful metal-on-metal contact. When you bring your vehicle into your Ford dealership in NJ, our factory-trained staff is prepared to get your vehicle the type of oil it needs to remain running how it should. Take a look at your vehicle's handbook to see how often you should be changing your oil and filter. If you figure out that you are in need of an oil and filter change, then make your way to your Ford dealer in NJ and get your vehicle the service it needs.

Brake Maintenance

Being able to stop your vehicle exactly when you need to is equally as essential as being able to start your vehicle. You should always check to see if your brakes are operating properly before any trip. After using your brakes over and over, you will begin to notice that your vehicle takes longer to completely stop, which is probably a sign that your vehicle is in need of brake maintenance. If you are starting to hear grinding or squeaking noises when you stop, then that is another sign that your brakes should be examined and possibly replaced. Your Ford dealer in NJ is prepared to get you the disc brakes, brake master cylinder, and brake fluid that your vehicle needs to keep you safe as you stop your vehicle.

Car Battery Care

Your Ford dealership in NJ knows how important it is to have a battery that is fully functioning. You battery gives your engine essential power that it needs to operate. You should provide your battery with the necessary upkeep it requires to stay at peak performance. Our factory-trained service team will analyze your vehicle's battery to ensure there are no leaks or corrosion. If you do need a new battery, then your local Ford dealer in NJ will make sure that your vehicle gets the right battery and that it is connected properly so you can rest assured that your engine is getting what it needs.


Rotating Your Tires

Tires are usually one of the most overlooked features of a model but if you don't care for the health of your tires, it can cause serious issues such as blowouts and flats. Our staff will be glad to inspect your vehicle's tires and tread so you can know if any of them need to be fixed or completely replaced. If your vehicle does need a brand new tire, then you can count on our team helping you find the exact type of tire that your vehicle and driving style need. If you are in need of tire alignment because you feel as though your vehicle is pulling to the left or right, then our team can help you with that as well. Echelon Ford is truly your local service destination, so come get your vehicle the maintenance that it needs today.


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