With many fantastic Ford models to choose from, like the thrilling Ford Explorer and Ford Edge, there is definitely a vehicle out there that can make your driving life so much easier. You have two options when it comes time to obtain your dream ride from your Ford dealer in NJ: buying or leasing. Each of these options has unique advantages, and the professionals at Echelon Ford are here to help you out. We have provided information on both buying and leasing options so that you can select the one that is the most compatible with your personal financial situation. Check out the pros and cons that the staff at your Ford dealership in NJ found on buying or leasing the Ford model you have always wanted.

Leasing Pros

- Lower payments

- Down payment may not be required

- The warranty typically covers all repairs

- Easy-to-do returns

- You can choose to have the most modern recent Ford model


Leasing Cons

- A restriction on miles (if that is exceeded, then you will be required to pay a fee)

- You cannot make any modifications

- The Ford model you are leasing must be free of dents and damage when you return it to your Ford dealer in NJ (you will be billed for any needed repairs)

- You will not be able to build any equity on your Ford car, truck, or SUV model

- Leasing will be difficult if you have below-average credit

Buying Pros

- You do not have to be as concerned about wear and tear when you own your Ford model

- There is no restriction on miles

- You can modify your Ford Explorer, Ford Edge, Ford Ranger, etc. anyway that you want to

- You will be able to build equity on your vehicle

- You will be able to own the Ford model you purchase from your Ford dealership in NJ for as long as you would like


Buying Cons

- Your car payments will be higher

- You will not always be driving the latest Ford model and may miss out on state-of-the-art features

- Trying to sell your Ford model can be challenging

- Interest can be accrued as time goes on

Before choosing to buy or lease,  you should also consider the amount of time that you want to drive your Ford model, the type of driving conditions that you experience every single day, and the level of customization that you want for your car, truck, or SUV model. If you are interested in obtaining a rugged Ford F-150 for some off-roading adventures, then it might be wise to buy it outright. If you do not want to modify your vehicle and have no intention of traveling long distances, then leasing may be the right way to go. The knowledgeable finance department at your Ford dealer in NJ will be glad to help you choose the best option for your driving life, and we will make sure that you get the Ford model that you have been dreaming of at a price that you can afford. Visit us and learn whether you should buy or lease today!


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