You must slow down when driving in the rain and remain aware of your surroundings. This will help you stay in control of your car so that you can quickly react if any unexpected events arise. If conditions are especially hazardous, pull off the road safely and wait for the storm to pass before resuming your journey.

Always remain a safe distance away from other vehicles. During wet conditions in Stratford, NJ, adding more space between you and other cars is imperative for braking or taking evasive action if necessary. Further, remember visibility - keep those headlights on when needed and your windshield wipers on at all times! Lastly, if the rain becomes too heavy or impedes your vision while driving in any way, shape, or form, pull over until it passes to continue with optimal safety.

Ultimately, try to avoid driving through any standing water. Even if it appears shallow, you could find yourself in a flooded area that might not be safe or cause harm to your automobile. If the situation calls for traversing standing water, drive slowly and steer clear of deep puddles or spots where the surface is hidden beneath too much liquid.

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